General Career Advice


• The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Department of Labor gives information about hundreds of different types of jobs.  Find out facts such as the training needed, the average earnings, and what the expected job prospects are.

• The Riley Guide ( is a great starting point for a job search -- a directory of online sites offering career information and resources.

• Wonderful networking advice — we recommend subscribing to the e-mail list:

• The site is a great resource for learning about various careers — this web site out of Minnesota has comprehensive descriptions of different occupations and the actual activities involved in each, along with skills, abilities, knowledge and training required.

• Career Advice from the Jobseekers Advice team — free information and career advice articles, resources and discussions from Jobseekers Advice — an independent source of career advice:

• WetFeet ( provides information helping job seekers "make smarter career decisions". A great resource on everything from negotiating a raise to writing better cover letters.

• Advice for Job-Seekers 50 and

• Questions -- and answers -- and general career advice: