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Mid-life and Beyond 

It's never too late in life to change paths or enter the workforce for the first time. Life brings changes — whether a layoff, early retirement, divorce or children growing up and leaving the nest — that often prompt mid-lifers to seek our help. We also have clients who have been on a career path for decades, maybe even excelled in their chosen field, but who still feel unhappy and dissatisfied. Even this far along, it’s not too late to make some changes that will bring greater joy and satisfaction in your daily life.


Ability Potentials helps clients in mid-life understand how their innate abilities have impacted their lives so far, and what changes they can make now. Armed with solid, objective data about their talents, our clients even later in life can walk out the door and make new choices about their lives with confidence.


Here are some stories from clients in mid-life:

  • Tony - Looking for a Career Transition

  • Lynne - Stay at Home Mom Looking for the next step

  • Greg  - Bored at his Job

  • Jessica  - Mid-Career Guidance


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