Due to COVID, we have revamped our testing process.  New social distancing protocols include:  limiting the number of clients in a testing group to four; rearranging the testing room to allow at least six feet between clients; using plexiglass dividers; sanitizing between testing sessions; requiring clients to wear masks when not seated; and taking payment ahead of time.  We are also offering feedbacks via Zoom to any client who prefers to not come back into the office, at no extra charge.


Remote Testing 

Due to COVID, we have developed a process to offer aptitude testing via Zoom.  This involves mailing the client a box containing all the testing materials needed, including a postage-paid return box.  To test via Zoom, clients need access to a quiet space where they can work for about 4 hours without interruption, as well as a computer, adequate internet connection to accommodate Zoom, and a table or desk where they can spread out papers -- and they must agree to follow our instructions exactly (including not opening the box of tests until told to do so on Zoom).  We schedule these Zoom testing sessions on an individual basis, usually on a Monday or Friday.  We can adjust the starting time of testing, depending on time zone.  Although there is a surcharge to test this way, clients who live at a distance from our office near Washington, D.C., have found this to be less expensive than paying for travel costs.



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