Details for Day of Testing

To make an appointment for testing, you can either (1) send an email using the Contact Form ( or (2) call us at 703-425-2500


Here is what you need to know for the day of testing:


  1. Show up at our office around 9:45 so we can check you in. Testing starts at 10:00 and lasts until around 2:00 pm. The testing is in a small group setting so it is important that you show up on time.

  2. Be comfortably dressed and well rested. If you are not feeling well, please call or email to cancel – you cannot do your best if you are not feeling well.

  3. Bring along payment. We take check, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. (Parents/employers: if you prefer, you can send in a check or call in with a credit card ahead of time. We will not process any payment until the client shows up.)

  4. Bring along your calendar so we can schedule the return conference. We will have a sign up sheet with available dates and times so that you can choose a conference time that fits your schedule.

  5. Bring a snack or lunch. We have a refrigerator for your use. We take a “working break” midway through the testing so you can relax a bit, but there is not enough time to leave our office.

  6. Use the driving directions here.  Google Maps and other online maps/directions are fairly reliable but sometimes cannot find our office since we are in an office park. 

  7. Relax. You cannot pass or fail the tests. Your job is simply to follow the directions and enjoy the process.


If you’d like more information, please use our contact form. Also, our informational brochure is available here.

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Tel: 703-425-2500


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