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Many students in both high school and college come to Ability Potentials seeking some early direction in their lives. Some are struggling with their coursework while others perform well at school, but feel curious about the future and are seeking guidance and advice.


For high school students, the earliest age we recommend testing is the sophomore year. Ability Potentials can help high school students discover what they need in a college, and what directions to pursue once there. We also help many students understand why certain kinds of coursework are difficult for them, and offer better ways for them to approach the material.


College students come to Ability Potentials for testing when they are exploring possible majors or career paths they might take after graduation. As one mother from Missouri told us recently about her son, "This testing cost less than just one class at his university, and there’s no question in my mind that it’s worth that amount to help him find a better focus at school!" We help these students understand their range of innate gifts, and counsel them on what career and life paths will bring them the most satisfaction. Every year we test students who attend colleges and universities all over the United States. Click here to see what schools our students have attended. 


Here are some stories from our younger clients:

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