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Step 1: Testing Session


To make an appointment for testing, you can either (1) send an email using the Contact Form or (2) call us at 703-425-2500.  Upcoming testing dates are available on our voice mail – or you can email us to get them.  We typically test two out of four Wednesdays, and three out of four Saturdays, every month.  Testing is always from 10:00 a.m. till

about 2:00 p.m.


Come into our office on the day you are scheduled and go through the four hour testing process.

Click here for the specific instructions you need for the day of testing.

Click here for driving directions to our office.


The aptitude testing is done in a small group setting of up to 8 clients, where we measure about 20 different aptitudes. The test administrator gives very specific instructions for each test, and all you need to do is follow the instructions and work as hard as you can.


Our aptitude testing process is the same for all our clients, no matter what age they are or what educational background they have. In the 4 hour testing session, the 20 different aptitudes we measure include: math, engineering, problem-solving, music, flow of ideas, manual speed and accuracy, music, and visual aptitudes. We measure an aptitude by giving clients a specific task to do – a task they could successfully complete if they had adequate time. We give only a short period of time in which to do the task, however. That testing process uncovers to what extent an aptitude comes naturally


Step 2: Consultation session


The follow-up consultation can usually take place within a couple of weeks of testing. We allow two hours for this session, although it doesn’t always take that long. We will record this session so you can listen to it again or share it with someone else.


In this consultation session we will give you your written report to read. The report includes three parts: (1) a five to seven page section describing the most important elements in your unique aptitude profile – written specifically for you; (2) a copy of your graph showing your results on every aptitude test; and (3) a seven page section with general descriptions of the individual aptitudes.


After you have read your report, we will then discuss your overall aptitude profile with you. We might “doodle” or use diagrams or give you a hand-out to visually explain a certain aptitude or aptitude combination. Here our primary goal is to help you understand the most important elements in your aptitude profile.


We will also address your specific reasons for testing. We typically ask about factors such as your education, experience, resources, values or plans. Our goal at this point is to help you think about how to use this data to inform the decisions you are facing. Exactly what this conversation looks like depends on the client. The consultation session will obviously look quite different for a high school student than for a mid-career professional.


We regard the consultation session as the single most important element of our process. We are committed to a client-centered, personalized approach. Historically we would only meet in a
face-to-face setting with our clients. Because of COVID we are now making available the option of having this consultation session over Zoom.  


Step 3: Action


We often give clients specific “homework” to help them move forward with the next step, or suggest further resources that they might find beneficial. We are available by email and phone for follow-up questions. We also have an active presence on Facebook, where we regularly post articles related to various career issues.






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