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Our Clients

Who are our clients?

We work with creatives and scientists, with18-year-olds and 60-year-olds, and with people who are overwhelmed with how many different directions appeal to them. We work with people who dislike the career that they chose and don’t know how to get out – and with people who love the career field they are in but don’t like the actual tasks they are doing. We work with college grads who wonder what post-graduate program to pursue – and with students who have no idea what college majors or career options interest them. We work with students who know what direction they want to go but want confirmation that they have the aptitudes to succeed in their dream job – and with students who are flunking out of classes required for their major and wonder what’s wrong with them.


These people – in very different situations and from very different walks of life, with different interests and different career paths, with different educational backgrounds and with different goals in life – are able to take the same objective data gained from aptitude testing and use it in their lives. This might be gaining confidence to re-enter the workforce after staying home to raise children. It might be discovering “hidden” aptitudes that support new hobbies or part-time work in retirement. It might be finding the courage and confidence to shift to a totally different career path.​




Our Clients by Age






Our Clients By Age

Read the real-life stories of clients who took the objective data from aptitude testing and in a variety of ways made major life decisions that they are thrilled about. Here are actual case histories of a few of our clients, ranging from students to 20- and 30-somethings to people in middle to later life.

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