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From a Parent's Perspective

I did a lot of research when looking for an aptitude testing center. This place is amazing and has changed our lives! The other local center I found was more expensive and not nearly as responsive, so I picked Ability Potentials as the place for my, then 17 year old, son. This was last year when he was a high school senior entering college, but was clueless in terms of direction. We learned so much about him, and what we learned helped us make college and class choices. Not only that, my son walked out of his appointment with so much more confidence than when he walked in. My daughter, at the same time in her life, did not want to be tested. Instead, she went through 1 1/2 years of college, realized that she was no longer enamored with the major she picked, but did not truly understand why. We just finished her aptitude testing and post test interview. Again, life changing information! She now understands her strengths and weaknesses so if she wants to pursue her current major she knows what will be hard and easy for her, but she also has a completely different perspective in terms of majors she had no idea suited her. What else can I say... this is an investment worth your money. 






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