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What Is Aptitude Testing?


Welcome to Ability Potentials!

Over the past 40 years, Ability Potentials Inc. has helped thousands of people understand their natural, innate aptitudes. We are known in the Washington D.C. area – and beyond – for our personal, client-centered approach to aptitude testing and career guidance. We help clients take the information gained from aptitude testing and apply it to their education, their career, and even their relationships.


Through testing and a follow-up consultation session, Ability Potentials Inc. helps clients discover their strengths and learn how to develop their talents. With this solid, objective data about themselves, our clients are able to move forward in their lives with confidence. Aptitude testing is helpful in informing both educational choices and workplace decisions.


Our clients include curious students who are mystified as to what college major or educational path suits them, to young adults who are confused and discouraged about “real-world work,” to career professionals looking for a new direction.


Please browse our website, where you can learn what aptitude testing is. You can also find out details about our aptitude testing process. There are sample tests here, and information about our clients here. You can read our informational brochure here. If you have questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form below, or call us at 703-425-2500 .


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