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Brian S. tells his own story best. Here are quotes from his letter to us.  "One month before I heard about your testing service my career had come to a dead end. I was only marginally successful in a career I had been clinging to for the past six years. The career didn't really fit me and I knew I had other talents but it seemed unrealistic to build a career around them.  I needed some practical advice because I really didn't have much of a direction or idea of what I could do best in a job situation. 

"Hearing the results of the tests was a real awakening. They were more useful than most of the other vocational tests I had taken in the past. The results analysis gave me some concrete ideas about what my next occupational move should be, what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to use them to find a job that fits me.

"After having a definite goal in mind I then targeted all of the companies I wanted to work for and just yesterday accepted an offer from one of those companies."



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