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As a nurse, Cassandra W. was adequate, not great. At age 33 she was increasingly restless, bored with her work and, as she told us when we met, her "life was gray."


Cassandra was miserable because she had innate talents that had nothing to do with nursing. Our testing showed that Cassandra has very strong Tonal Memory, Rhythm Memory, and Pitch Discrimination, all of which made her a born musician. She tested below average in Spatial Relationships Theory and Spatial Relationships Visualization, both of which are required in 'quasi science' fields such as nursing.


A letter arrived from her several months after testing:


"You advised me that nursing was the most inappropriate career I could have chosen and suggested that a music career would be my utopia. I am now working only three days a week as a nurse. The rest of my time is spent teaching piano lessons (I now have six students and my hourly earnings surpass what I am making as a nurse) and am doing free-lance work as a church organist. I am also enrolled at Catholic University working on my Master's in Piano Pedagogy. I am enjoying teaching as much as I hated nursing!"






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