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Greg came in for testing when he working as a Production Superintendent at a quarry.  He complained that he was bored in his job, although he did enjoy the connection to a “hands-on” product.


Greg’s aptitude profile indicated that he needed to (1) work around people (2) as an expert (3) solving problems (4) with tangible elements. 


Greg chose to make some radical changes after meeting with us.  He researched opportunities that would utilize as many of his aptitudes as possible.  Following several months of interviewing and narrowing options, Greg and his family moved across the United States.  He returned to an engineering mode he had left behind, taking a position as a Processing Engineer with an international mining, energy, and environmental consulting firm. 


He reports that, “Just as my career guidance advice from Ability Potentials suggested, I am having a great time in the consulting field.  The variety of challenges and the opportunity to be called in as an expert is the best part.”  He continues, “I also find that the field trips we make maintain the connection to a physical, tangible product that I enjoyed with my previous career.  Now the parts that I disliked – same ol’ hole in the ground, little mental stimulation, and so on – are minimized or eliminated with my new career.”


Understanding what was lacking in his prior job helped Greg make an informed decision when seeking a career change, and ultimately led to a better career and happier life. 




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